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50 Years of Production Celebrated at 3M

The local 3M plant celebrated 50 years in Brownwood on Saturday, July 25th.  Members of the community and businesses from the area were invited to celebrate this occasion with tours of the plant and a catered lunch on site.  The 3M sponsored NASCAR vehicle, driven by Jeff Gordon was also on site for this special occasion.  The famous #24 car was available for fan photos and viewing along with its trailer.

The 3M plant in Brownwood is a leading manufacturer of reflective sheeting for highway signs, license plates, protective clothing and security laminates throughout the world. 3M celebrates not only being a success in industry, but also celebrates recognition by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for its superior environmental management efforts. 

3M’s website states, “We take pride in the wide variety of 3M technologies used to manufacture a complex product offering. Mechanical, industrial and chemical engineers are employed throughout the plant to manage these technologies, and new product and process introductions are a routine part of how we do business. Lean Six Sigma methodologies are utilized to generate improvements, and everyone in the organization plays a significant role in our continual improvement.”

3M Brownwood began manufacturing operations in 1965.  The current plant size is 816,000 sq. ft., built on a 163 acres site in Brownwood, Texas.  According to 3M officials, there are 8 divisions served by their products with over 20,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs are used to identify products that are for sale).

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