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Brownwood council OKs two incentive grants for 3M product expansions


3M is investing a total of $10.5 million into the expansion of two product lines at the Brownwood plant, and the Brownwood Economic Development Corp. is helping.

Brownwood City Council members approved two incentive grants Tuesday for the company, ratifying earlier action by the Brownwood Economic Development Corp. which had approved the grants.

BEDC Executive Director Guy Andrews told council members about the grants which consist of:

• $3,500 per employee capped at $50,000 a year for five years to support a project known as the Crystal Silk Surface Shield.

3M’s $4.5 million investment will provide equipment to meet and allow the plant to preserve current jobs and add new ones in multiple departments. The jobs include production operations, production supervisors, engineers, maintenance and support staff.

By 2016, 3M will be using at least 12 employees to support the product at an average salary and benefits cost of $70,000 per employee.

The “new to the world technology” provides a surface that is both smooth and tough and resists scratches, abrasions, fingerprints, stains and chemicals, council members were told.

• $3,500 per employee capped at $60,000 for a new product called microprismatic reflecting sheeting.  

A $6 million investment will provide a complete line of manufacturing equipment, and will allow the company to retain and add jobs in multiple departments.

By 2016, 3M will be using at least 15 employees to support the product, with average salary and benefit costs of $70,000 per employee.

3M has asked the BEDC to enter a partnership for “not just one, but two product line expansions that have not only local but world-wide significance,” Andrews told council members.

Mayor Stephen Haynes thanked 3M, saying “these are the kind of projects we want to do. It’s exciting for us. We certainly love 3M. Salaries are impressive. The product is impressive.” 


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