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MDD Vote Passes - What's Next?

First of all, thank you to everyone who voted in the Proposed MDD Election,  regardless of whether you voted "Yes" or "No".  Voting on various issues is an important right that we have as United States, Texas, and Brownwood citizens.  I applaud all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to vote on this important issue for Brownwood.

As most of you are already aware, there were 389 "Yes" votes in favor of converting from an economic development corporation (EDC) to a municipal development district (MDD), and 93 "No" votes against the conversion in Brownwood.  That means that nearly 81% of the voters agree that the conversion is a good idea for Brownwood.

The effective date of the conversion from the EDC to the MDD is October 1, 2016.  During the interim period, all of the necessary paperwork to abolish the EDC and establish the MDD will be prepared and approved by City Council.  Our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. 

Until the October 1, 2016 effective date, the EDC will continue to function as the economic development organization for Brownwood, just as it has since October 1, 1990. 

We look forward to improving our quality of life and making Brownwood an even greater place to work and live.

Thank you again for voting.

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