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Frontier Communications
To check for availability of service, please click here

Satellite Internet service provider

Harris Broadband
Broadband Telephone, Internet, and TV
Up to 10 meg / 10 meg uplink Internet service available.

There are 17 business internet service providers in Brownwood. Visit www.findbroadband.com, enter your address to see which have coverage at your specific location.


Telephone Service

Telephone Service
Digital Available Yes
Analog Available  Yes
Electromechanical No
Make and Model GTD-5 Electronic Exchange
Software Level System Version Release 1633
Fiber Optics Yes
Switched 56 Kbps Yes
High Capacity Digital (T-1) Yes
Digital Service Area Yes
911 Available Yes



Electric Transmission- Distribution

ONCOR Electric Delivery
912 Sharp Street
Brownwood, TX 76801-3042

ONCOR Services
Reliability 99.9513768605
Transmission Voltage 69 KV, 138 KV, 345 KV
Service Voltage 120/208, 120/240, 240/480, 277/480


Retail Electric Sales

TXU Energy
Business Department - Ask Rate Specialist
(877) 290-3723


Green Mountain Energy


General Power & Light
1015 N. Fisk Ave
Brownwood, TX 76801

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Natural Gas

Atmos Energy Corporation
4304 Danhil Dr.
Brownwood, TX 76801

(Energy Customer Call Center)

888.286. 6700

BTU Content Per Cubic Foot                1,100
Water, Sewer and Sanitation



City of Brownwood
501 Center Ave.
Brownwood, TX 76801
(325) 646-5775

Water Supply Details
Water Supplier City of Brownwood
Source Lake Brownwood
Max. Daily System Capacity 16,500,000 gallons
Max. Daily Use to Date 9,800,000 gallons
Pressure on Mains 50-100 psi
Storage Capacity 6,500,000 gallons
Size of Mains 6-30"
System Looped Yes

Sewer System

Sewer System
Treatment Plan Type Activated Sludge
Maximum Capacity 4.54 MGD
Annual Daily Average 2.4 MGD


Proposed RO Water Reuse Plant

In the fall of 2011, the City of Brownwood needed to look  for another water source due to the extreme drought.  After extensive evaluation of options that were quick, sustainable and financially viable, the option to design a water reuse facility to supplement our drinking water supply was approved by city council.  An engineer was selected and a design was submitted and approved by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on December 21, 2012.  An application for financing with the Texas Water Development Board was submitted and approved September 20, 2012.  The project will produce 1.5 million gallons per day and supplement about 1/3 of our water supply. The Supplementary Water Treatment Facility will take about 14 months to construct, test and put online.

Read a little more about the project here.

Learn more about City of Brownwood utilities here.

See Lake Brownwood Water Levels here.