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BMDD Approves $50,000 training grant for ambulance simulator

An ambulance simulator for Texas State Technical College’s Brownwood campus, which will be bought with a $50,000 training grant from the Brownwood Municipal Development District, will be a major part of the projected growth of the college’s EMS program, TSTC provost Rick Denbow told Brownwood City Council members.

It has been identified through research that clinical exposure to patients is not adequate in developing “competent healthcare practitioners”. Many factors impact this mindset, but the primary impact is the limited access to all types of patient conditions and types in the field or at clinical. To have a well-rounded competent EMT/Paramedic the student needs to be exposed to all potential industry conditions and patient types as possible in order for the student to learn through experience. Simulation prepares students to experience actual patient conditions, work utilizing industry specific equipment, and fill the gaps where field internship does not reach.

Opportunity for practicing in the classroom through realism of simulation the student develops necessary skills that reduce risk of injury/death to themselves and to their patients.

The EMS program in Brownwood will benefit from access to an ambulance simulator, that will allow the faculty to run more realistic simulation in an environment that mirrors the work environment a student will experience during the field experience as well as once they graduate and go to work in industry.

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