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BMDD Helps Sponsor Legislative Day in Austin

Working together: Government and business leaders learn of potentially impactful legislation

AUSTIN— A contingent of two dozen Brown County citizens traveled to the state capitol to have their voices heard Tuesday as part of State Legislature Day.

The group of more than 24 Brown County residents representing local governments, business, media and ordinary citizens discussed how upcoming state policy changes effect them with members of TxDOT, state parks and wildlife, agriculture and elected officials during State Legislative Day.

“It was a very good day. We’re always glad to come to Austin during the legislative session and fly the Brownwood flag,” Brownwood Attorney Robert Porter said. “People need to know we exist and if we have a particular issue on the plate, the time to approach is not when you need it. It’s constantly recreating relationships. When you do have an important issue, they’re not strangers.”

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Thank you Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce for coordinating this event. 

Other Sponsors included: 

  • TexasBank
  • Brownwood Regional Medical Center
  • Porter Insurance Agency
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