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BMDD Launches New Website

The Brownwood Municipal Development District has launched a complete redesign of their website.
The goal for the new website is to provide an easy to navigate, one stop location for our community, as well as potential industry and retail to explore the benefits of business in Brownwood, Texas. 
The re-designed website provides information such as demographics, major employers, board agendas and news items. The site presents Brownwood’s business and investment opportunities with sections on site selection, financing, incentives, and labor statistics. 
“Our website is often a businessʼs or prospect’s first look into our business community and is one of our greatest sales tools,” said Marshal McIntosh, Communication and Marketing Manager for the Brownwood Municipal Development District. 
"Site selectors doing research on Brownwood, Texas will find current, up-to-date information, and with increased online visibility, our community will improve its chances of landing new businesses. As more interest is forming from local entrepreneurs, and national retailers our new site will serve as a centralized source for information and resources.” McIntosh said.
For entrepreneurs, the BMDD site also includes our “Entrepreneurs” sections that provide resources, support services, and guides for people looking to start a business and for existing businesses to grow.
The new site, brownwoodbusiness.com, is mobile responsive and designed for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
“Our website makes it easy for businesses to find the right tools by offering one place they can go to get a list of everything that we would recommend” said Guy Andrews, Executive Director of Economic Development. 
The Brownwood Municipal Development District encourages residents and businesses owners to learn more about Brownwood’s business advantages at www.brownwoodbusiness.com 



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