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New mural and shade structure compliment downtown park

As part of the continued emphasis on downtown revitalization a mural, new shade structure, increased landscaping, and other small improvements have been made at Pat Coursey Park.

Work has been completed on the new mural behind Pat Coursey Park in downtown Brownwood, which was painted by renowned mural artist Calina Mishay. Design for the mural features wild horses running through water with vibrant colors and depiction of movement. This mural design pairs perfectly with the metal horses on the fountain at the park and offers a modern twist on the rural vibe of the area.

“I am a champion for the revitalization of small towns. I believe in inspiring others around me to empower and encourage them to do something bigger than themselves. Art is my passion but it is not my ultimate goal. My goal is to be remembered for caring about the people I meet, inspire them to live the life of happiness they saw for themselves when they were small, encourage growth and calm fears, be bold with color, and bring even the most divided communities together through art. I have seen all of these things happen in the towns where we have finished street art and now I am passionate about spreading this dream and experience around the world," Mishay stated. 

In addition to the new mural completed at Pat Coursey Park a shade structure has been installed. The downtown park is located at the intersection of Baker and Center Avenue.  In the coming months, picnic tables and additional lighting will be added to the park through funds budgeted by the Brownwood Municipal Development District.


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