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Support Small Business by Doing Social Good, During Social Distancing.

Like people, communities, businesses and governing bodies across the globe, we are navigating the current uncharted waters to the best of our ability. We're all facing difficult times, but we are strong and we are in this together, supporting one another and taking care to protect the people who matter most - our neighbors and friends. 

Life is much different than just two weeks ago; we have limitations that previously couldn’t be imagined. But, we also have an opportunity for some pretty incredible, creative and limitless acts of social good to get us through social distancing. Apart we may stand at the moment, but - ultimately - together we will prevail! 

One of the blessings of small-town living is the close bonds that we enjoy, a spirit of together we are stronger. In the early response days, we are seeing this interconnectivity and unity in full force. Brownwood no longer just “feels like home,” it #feelslikegood. 

We are proud to have many incredible local businesses in Brownwood. Everything from clothing stores and salons to our beautiful Lyric Theatre to an amazing brewery, winery, and restaurateurs. We are also home to the workers of several manufacturing firms, teachers and healthcare workers. Everyone in our community is impacted by this situation. 

We have a lot of residents asking how they can best support our incredible local businesses and their fellow Brownwood-ians while keeping the community as safe as possible. Unlike big business and box stores, local businesses don’t benefit from massive infusions of cash and live or die on real-time transactions. Owners and employees are directly impacted by mass closures during this difficult time, which further impacts families and the community. We are doing our best to keep our friends afloat until we come out the other side of this thing (which we absolutely WILL.) 

Things are changing every day, but - at present - here are a few of the ways that you can help Brownwood.  

  1. Order gift cards. Your favorite retailers have quiet months ahead of them. As they work through the logistics of potential adaptations to operations, they greatly appreciate any cash infusions. Purchasing gift cards for future use is a great way to support them until the time is better for non-essentials. Here is a list of the local businesses 

  2. No-exposure dining. Restaurants are adapting to better serve the community. For example, town favorite Runaway Train cafe is offering curbside pickup and takeaway orders. Each order comes with a token of humility, faith and humanity - a roll of toilet paper and a poignant scripture message. It really is food for the soul. Senior citizens can also pick up meals curbside at the Brownwood Senior Citizens Center. For an updated list of restaurants offering CDC-approved dining options, check the www.BE-bettertogether.com website. 

  3. Take only what you need. There is no need to panic-buy entire shelves at the grocery. Our restaurants and pharmacies are working hard to keep essentials in stock for you. Being mindful of the quantity and only buying what you actually need is helpful to the entire community. After all, we are all in this together and we all need the same things! 

  4. Practice the Golden Rule. If you are doing simple tasks, think about how helpful and supportive it would be to be on the receiving end if you suddenly found yourself isolated and unable. If you know an elderly or immune-compromised person, offer to pick them up a few items when you make an essentials run. Or maybe order some takeout and drop it off at their doorstep. If you are able, pay a neighbors utility bill if they just lost their job due to sudden closure. A phone call or even chat through the window is a great way to break up the cabin fever and boost morale. We all need someone to lean in (and on) right now! 

  5. Shop local. Now more than ever, shopping local - online and off - is crucial. Try and buy soaps from Arrow & Oaks, shampoo from Nathanas Hair Salon and medications from Doc’s Drug Store or Jacobs Family Pharmacy. Give local shops a call to see how they can work with you to arrange payment and exchange and if they have what you need in-store. 


Here are a few more ways to support the physical and emotional health of our community! 

Times might be bleak, but our support system is anything but. We will emerge from this stronger, filled with gratitude and faith, and very ready for a big hug (or 10). Our best wishes for safety and health are with all of you. 

For an up to date centralized location regarding health and safety of COVID-19 in Brown County please visit www.brownwoodtexas.gov/health



Here is our Shop Local Campaign Video produced in 2019 highlighting a few of our local Businesses: 

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