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Teddy's Brewhaus Update: Resiliency that Roosevelt would be proud of.

Over the past few months, the BMDD has worked hard on behalf of Brownwood’s business to help navigate difficulties resulting from COVID closures. We’re proud of our local business owners for rising to the challenge and adapting to the circumstances. 

 You might remember a feature we did on our local brewpub, Teddy’s Brewhaus, that has been selling hand sanitizer as far away as Australia while also offering curbside meal and craft brew pickup. It’s been a couple of months, and Teddy’s has made even more adaptations and is thriving (all things considered).


Here’s an update on the team at Teddy’s!  

In just six short weeks, Teddy’s has ramped up their production of hand sanitizer. 

Now they're selling medical-grade “Teddy’s Hand Sanitizer” to big firms like AT&T, Veterinary Clinics of America and hospitals as far as San Diego leading to a side business that, thus far, has sold close to 50,000 gallons of product.

The team is also now able to outfit fellow Brownwood business owners with hand sanitizer dispensers, as well as selling bulk dispensers nationwide. 

In other exciting news, they are now micro-packaging as well! Individuals and families who don’t have bulk needs can now purchase 10-ounce bottles of 80% alcohol sanitizer. And they are selling it at incredibly reasonable prices! You can visit their website at TeddysBrewhaus.com. 



On the brewpub side, Teddy’s opted to stay closed despite Governor Abbott allowing the reopening of restaurants at 25 and then 50 percent capacity. Why the wait? Adapting for survival means that economically speaking, curbside and delivery as Jeff Tucker works to keep the business around in the long run. 

“I don’t cover my overhead under normal business with 25% to 50% clientele,” Tucker explains of the reopening restrictions mandated by Governor Abbott. “That doesn’t cover my bills.”

For now, they’re pumping out delicious pizzas (which have quickly become one of our favorite treats) and growlers for curbside pickup. They’ve even implemented a delivery service and started the process to add wine to their menu! As the team works to keep our hands clean and our bellies full, they are also working on a big project! A grand re-opening party on July 17, 2020, will debut a massive indoor/outdoor biergarten! 

“The team is working daily to finish out this new feature and we couldn’t be more excited,” says Tucker. “We aren’t sure what the re-opening will look like quite yet - but a celebration will be in store in accordance with the CDC’s best health practices.” 

Until then, we continue to say cheers to the Teddy’s crew who have shown our entire community how far adaptation, kindness and hard work can pay off during difficult times. 

Cheers, y’all!


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