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Texans Re-Evaluate Small Town Lifestyle

Texas has experienced a major influx of new people over the last decade, with the majority of those people headed for big cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. However, many people are coming to realize that life in the big cities of Texas has its drawbacks. For the people who have discovered that high rent, heavy traffic, and a higher cost of living are not for them, smaller towns like Brownwood are gaining in interest and popularity.

The Problem With Big City Life

Life in a big city is fast-paced, busy, and non-stop, and it is common for people to feel as if they have very little connection with anyone in the city. While you may have friends and family in the city, there is often very little sense of community or togetherness in a big city. There are so many people that you may never even see the same person twice in the same month or year! You are also in competition with hundreds of people for jobs and other opportunities if you live in large cities. It takes quite a bit of energy and effort to stand out among the crowd. Additionally, life in the big city means that you must decide where the best place to live might be and where your children should go to school. Traffic can be a nightmare during rush hours (think your morning commute, your drive home from work, or bringing the kids to and from school or extra-curricular activities), and that level of frustration can certainly cause a lot of stress. Keep all of this in mind if you are thinking of moving to Texas because Texans are once again considering the benefits of small-town life in towns like Brownwood, a place that feels like home.

Why Move from the Big Cities to Small Towns in Texas

Big city life has the hustle and bustle that many young people consider to be ideal. While there are some distinct advantages to living in a large city such as access to the latest technology, retail shopping, and endless options for takeout, it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be. Entertainment options and a potential career path may not be enough to make up for the many disadvantages that also accompany life in a major city. One of the worst aspects of life in a big city is attempting to find an affordable place to live as well as a liveable wage. Over the past few years, rent has dramatically increased while wages have become stagnant. Likewise, Millennials have accrued increasing amounts of student loans without a well-paying job to offset their debt. For some people, there is just no way to keep your head above water and enjoy life in the big city. Moving to a small town like Brownwood can be the option to help you revive your life in a place that values community, opportunity, and quality of life.

Benefits of Small Town Life

There are many benefits to living in a small town like Brownwood. Some of the most important ones are::

  • Community - Life in a small town means that you will likely know almost everyone in the town by name and be able to ask about their family or other aspects of their lives. And likewise, they will want to chat with you about your life. In a big city, it is very rare that you even know your neighbors within your building or on your street. To feel a clear sense of community, small-town life can provide that.
  • Unique businesses - Small towns often have businesses that you are unlikely to find in large cities. You can also find small businesses that have occupied the same building and been serving the town for decades. They also tend to be run by the same family. Rarely do companies in large cities provide you and your family the opportunity to shop at the same business for years and get to know the owners by name.
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities - It is hard for someone to break into the business world in a big city because there is likely to be many other well-established companies that offer the same products or services that you do. Many businesses fail for this reason, but in a small town, you have a much better chance of being a successful entrepreneur and become one of those well-established businesses. 
  • Family - A small town is a great place to raise a family, especially when you want to instill positive values and stay connected with them without the many distractions of big city life. 
  • Good schools - In addition to the community aspects of small-town life, you can also rest assured that your children will be going to school with other children they have come to know and become friends with and also be taught by those in your community who you have come to know and trust.
  • Safe - When everyone knows everyone else in a small town like Brownwood, Texas, you gain a sense of trust. You won’t worry when your children walk to school on their own or if you are walking down the street on your own. Small towns tend to be much safer than big cities.
  • The slower pace of life - If you have gotten exhausted and tired of the constantly fast-paced life of a big city, then a small town like Brownwood, Texas, is perfect for your preferences. Small town life is slower, so you can take the time to smell the flowers and enjoy the subtleties life has to offer rather than watch it pass you by.
  • Traffic - When there are fewer people in a town, that means that there is less traffic. The constant honking of horns, pollution from car exhaust, and delays due to high traffic can certainly put a damper on your day. In a small town, there is much less traffic to contend with on your morning and afternoon commutes to and from work, and running errands does not have to be a dreaded chore.
  • Affordability - Unlike rents in big cities, homes and apartments in small towns are much more affordable. When you bring home a solid paycheck and know that you will be able to cover your rent as well as utilities and groceries with maybe a bit leftover for entertainment, you will definitely see the benefits of living in a small town.

As you can see, living in a small town certainly has its advantages, and Brownwood, Texas, is a small town where you will quickly begin to feel like home.

Brownwood, Texas: Feels Like Home

According to Census data, people are continuously flocking to Texas. The population is growing at a rate of 1000 people per day, and from July 2017 to July 2018, the state gained over 187,000 people. If you are considering moving to Texas, Brownwood is a small town that will make you feel like home. With all of the many benefits of small-town life, especially compared to big cities, it just makes sense to consider Brownwood, Texas, for your new home.

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