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Travel Matters: National Travel and Tourism Week

During the first full week in May, communities nationwide unite around a common theme to showcase travel's contributions to the economy and American jobs.

This year, the travel industry is coming together to celebrate why "Travel Matters," spotlighting a different way travel matters each day to American jobs, economic growth and personal well-being. Established in 1983 by President Reagan, National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) is the annual salute to travel in America. 

Tourism directly affects our local economy, invite your friends to #visitbrownwood, plan your family reunions in our community, host your corporate events here, and more. When we showcase and support our community collectively we create a larger impact!


Travel matters to our Economy 

Travel generated $2.5 trillion for the U.S. economy in 2018 across all U.S. industries.

Tax revenue from travel spending for federal, state and local governments totaled $171 billion in 2018. Without these travel-generated tax revenues, each household would pay an average of $1,340 more in taxes every year to maintain the same level of services.

One of the best-performing U.S. exports largely flies under the radar: inbound travel, which generates a $69 billion trade surplus for America's economy.

In 2018, Brown County direct travel spending was $54.3 million!! 


Travel Matters to our Jobs

Travel supported 15.7 million U.S. jobs in 2018 - that's one in 10 American jobs, making travel the seventh largest employer in the private sector.

Travel is an essential contributor to America’s workforce, providing an opportunity and a path to prosperity by allowing many Americans the flexibility to gain experience, pursue higher education and develop transferable skills. With 83 percent of travel companies considered small business, travel drives small businesses across America.

In 2018, Brown County direct travel supported 690 jobs! 


Travel Matters for new Experiences

What new experiences are waiting for you? If you have never dined in a railroad car, traveled back through history, ridden a mini train or splashed in the lake, make your plans to mark those off your list today!


Travel Matters to our Health

Did you know Brownwood/Brown County offers several nature & bike trails, paddling trail, disc golf & more?

Americans are increasingly realizing the value of their vacation time, taking an average of 17.2 days of vacation each year. Yet less than half of that time is used to travel - despite its clear benefits for health. 

Americans taking all or most of their vacation days to travel report being 20 percent happier with their personal relationships and 56 percent happier with their health and well-being than those who travel with little or none of their vacation time.


Travel Matters to Hometown Pride

When residents take pride in where they live, they become ambassadors by promoting their communities to their loved ones. After all, more than half (54%) of leisure travel is to visit friends and family. And whether it's cheering on the home team or celebrating what makes your community unique, these experiences benefit both residents and visitors alike.


Travel Matters to Family

Travel helps families connect, creating everlasting memories and develop a lifelong bond.
When surveyed, most children (61%) say the best way to spend quality time with parents is on vacation.
At their core, adults know this: 62 percent of adults say that their earliest, most vivid memories are of family vacations taken between the ages of five and 10.


Brownwood, Texas is a community of 19,288 friendly folks located at the Top of the Texas Hill Country. Explore our community, spend the weekend and discover why Brownwood, Texas is close to home but far from ordinary. 



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