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Why Starting Your Own Business Is Worth It

Whether you are looking to start a business for the first time, or are a serial business owner, it is always important to know that being an entrepreneur, especially if it is the first time, can certainly be a challenging endeavor, but there are also countless resources, rewards, and benefits that accompany entrepreneurship. The ability to create something new, the flexibility of ownership, the potential financial rewards, and the connection to the community are just a few of the things that are great about owning your own business.

Small Businesses Build Communities

Any of our local business owners, whether it is Debbie from Star of Texas Bed and Breakfast, Micah from Pioneer Tap House, Danette and Jodi from Hen House, or Kim from Runaway Train Cafe and Intermission Bookshop, will tell you that you should expect to work long hours and endure the stress of remaining financially stable. You will need to stay flexible, and adapt to change, and be willing to take risks. They would also tell you that you can count on the fact that your fellow residents will support your business to ensure that you are successful. Without small businesses, a community could not thrive, so the relationship between our local businesses and Brownwood residents is essential to economic success for the city.

Brownwood Depends on Small Businesses

These owners and their businesses, along with many more including Teddy’s Brewhaus, CJ’s Cigar Bar, and Saturday’s have greatly contributed to the lifeblood and livelihood of Brownwood over the past year. The value of the services and products provided by our local businesses cannot be underestimated. Even in challenging times, support from the community has remained high, and our small business community has been able to flourish and grow into the new year!

Support You Can Count on

Establishing a business of any kind takes dedication and perseverance, but no business owner should feel like they are alone. In a community like Brownwood, our residents know that supporting small business owners is part of what makes our town so great. Restaurants need people to eat their food, salons require clients to partake in their services, and boutiques can’t remain open without individuals to purchase their unique products. The relationship between our small business openers and community is truly something special, and more opportunities for growth exist!

How Brownwood Supports Business

In Brownwood, we are happy to offer the following services to small business owners as a way to help ensure their success in our community:

  • Loans and Incentives - The Brownwood Municipal Development District knows that your small business needs loans and incentives to establish itself and continue to be successful for years to come. That is why we offer low-interest small business loans and incentive options at the state and city level.
  • Consultation and Education - Whether you are a new business looking to establish yourself in Brownwood or an already existing business thinking of redirecting your efforts, the Chamber of Commerce has all of the resources, consultation services, and education you need to be successful in your endeavor. And if the Chamber of Commerce does not have the exact information you need, we will provide you with the name and number of the resource that does. The community of Brownwood wants you to succeed, and we are happy to offer all of the resources you could need.
  • Permits and Codes - Brownwood’s Development Service Department takes a proactive approach to code enforcement, and we are happy to help you apply for and get the types of permits you need for your business including zoning, building, construction, remodeling, occupancy, and health permits.
  • Property Opportunities - We have an up-to-date list of properties available for you to rent or purchase in order to set up your company. Our listing makes it easy to refine your search and find the perfect property for your business.
  • Community Profile - To help you get to know the residents of the community and better serve their needs, the Brownwood Municipal Development District is happy to provide you with demographic information about our town. From population to age distribution, education to occupations, and everything in between, you will have access to updated information so you will be able to understand who we are and what we need.

With all of these resources and the support of the community, Brownwood is an ideal location for your small business. You can find even more information in our Startup Guide.

Connect with Brownwood 

If you are a small business owner or are considering opening a new business, the support of the Brownwood Municipal Development District, and the local community, can help you make your business venture a success. Connect with us to see how we can provide you the resources and support you need to start your own business in Brownwood. Owning and operating your own business is a challenging endeavor, but with the right support it is more than worth the effort!

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