Continued Retail Development Opportunities Explored at ICSC Convention in Dallas

Press Releases
Jan 20, 2023

City of Brownwood staff attended the Innovating Commerce Serving Communities (ICSC) annual conference January 18-20th in Dallas to establish vital connections with real estate professionals and commercial business representatives currently eyeing the Central Texas area for opportunities. ICSC’s mission statement explains the organization’s purpose is to promote marketplaces where people shop, dine, work, and play as foundational ingredients of communities and economies. The networking opportunities experienced at the ICSC conference have proven to be invaluable to the City of Brownwood as staff are able to showcase the Brownwood area and tell the story of what makes the community “Feel Like Home” to a diverse audience. 

Over the past decade, the City of Brownwood has grown the sales tax base over 43%. The ICSC conference has been an important element in the concentrated effort to recruit retail businesses to the community to increase sales tax, which enables the City to continue to provide essential services, improve Parks, develop the Downtown Brownwood area, and more. This year City Manager Emily Crawford, Deputy City Manager Marshal McIntosh, Brownwood Municipal Development (BMDD) Executive Director Ray Tipton, and BMDD Board President Daniel Hutson proudly represented Brownwood during the conference. 

“The ICSC conference is an excellent opportunity to show potential retail partners the endless possibilities in our community. Our team always enjoys connecting with industry professionals to grow our local economy and continue to encourage growth in the retail businesses in Brownwood.”
Emily Crawford, City Manager

The ICSC conference is one element of the strategic plan to recruit new businesses. The City of Brownwood and the Brownwood Municipal Development District are able to leverage their partnerships to improve the community through common goals. To learn more about the business advantages in Brownwood, visit: or contact the Brownwood Municipal Development District at 325-646-9600.