Infrastructure & Utilities

a photo of brownwood city hall

Companies need strong, reliable utilities and infrastructure for successful and efficient operations. From electric, gas, and water to 17 business internet service providers, Brownwood features ready utilities at affordable prices.


Electric service and lines in Brownwood are maintained by Oncor, the largest energy delivery service in Texas. Electric rates in Brownwood are competitive due to Texas’s deregulated energy market, and commercial and residential customers have the option to choose their preferred provider, including renewable energy sources.

Water & Wastewater

The City of Brownwood sources its water from Lake Brownwood, located eight miles north of the city. The lake is fed by Pecan Bayon and tributaries of the Colorado River. Wastewater is delivered to and treated at the City of Brownwood Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Solid Waste

The Brownwood Solid Waste Services department is responsible for collecting solid waste for all residents and commercial establishments in the City of Brownwood. Commercial garbage collection is one to six times per week, once a week for residential dumpsters, and twice a week for roll-out containers.

Natural Gas

Natural gas service in Brownwood is supplied by Atmos Energy Corporation. The company is committed to being the safest natural gas provider in the nation and invests more than $1 billion annually in system upgrades.

Internet & Phone

Brownwood offers 17 business internet service providers, including satellite, broadband, and fiber optics. Telephone services are offered in analog, digital, high-capacity digital, and fiber optics.