Brownwood Advantages


Connect With the World

Located in the heart of Texas, Brownwood is a charming Hill Country community that is a favorite of visitors and locals alike. The city is a regional hub of an eight-county trade area, drawing in over one-thousand commuters per day.

Miles Northwest of Austin
Miles Southwest of Fort Worth
Miles Southeast of Abilene

Brownwood’s competitive geographical position is supported by a highly effective system of rail and highways, connecting local business and industry with major Texas, US, and world markets, making Brownwood integral in the transportation of goods in and out of the city.

View the interactive commute map here.

a bartender filling a beer glass in a brewery
Great Quality Of Life

Brownwood has much to offer its residents. The city’s cost of living and home prices are significantly below the state and national average, and there’s plenty to do with recreational activities ranging from the great outdoors to shopping and dining in historic downtown. This lower financial burden, paired with Brownwood’s beautiful natural setting and family-friendly culture, affords residents an exceptional quality of life.

Ready utilities with extremely affordable rates and 17 business internet service providers.
Industrial Sites
90 acres of shovel ready land with all utilites available + 50 acres of un-platted land.
Competitive geographical position supported by effective rail and highways.
Regional Hub
The hub of an eight county trade area drawing over 1300 commuters.