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Brownwood, located near the geographic center of Texas, is the county seat and largest city in Brown County. Nearly 50% of the population of Brown County is concentrated in the City of Brownwood. The city’s population has held fairly steady over the past decade.

Brown County

There are nearly an equal number of males as females in Brownwood, with a median age slightly lower than in both Texas and the United States. Over half of Brown County residents are of prime working age (between 20 and 59), and nearly 9,000 residents are under the age of 20. 

Median Age

Though the median household income in Brown County is lower than that of Texas, Brownwood boasts an extremely low cost of living with considerably low home prices. Over half of Brownwood households earn more than $50k a year, with a good portion earning more than the Texas and US median.

Median Household Income

Income throughout Brownwood

  • 53.4% Less than $50k yearly

  • 29% $50k - $100k yearly

  • 17.5% More than $100k yearly

Residents of Brownwood come from a variety of different backgrounds, creating a culturally diverse community. Diversity within a community can drive creativity and innovation, factors that can spur economic development and productivity. 

Culturally diverse community

  • White 63.37%

  • Hispanic 20.71%

  • Black 4.75%

  • Asian 1.62%

  • American Indian .32%

  • Pacific Islander .03%

  • Multirace 3.60%

  • Other .6%