Small Town Feel, Big League Experience

May 17, 2023
Staff Reports

Ten years ago, the City of Brownwood opened the Bert V. Massey II Sports Complex. With it came recreation for the public, revenue for the economy, and a world of possibility for Brownwood’s youth. Having consistently received improvements, and hosting more than 40 tournaments per year, the facility has become an important attraction for Brownwood locals and neighboring towns. 


With plenty of well-kept sports facilities, Brownwood offers the best of athletic recreation. Don’t be fooled by our small town, our fields can rival any big city both in quality and quantity. From soccer to aquatics, here you can choose from a wide variety of sports!

  • Bert V. Massey Sports Complex

    • An impressive collection of twelve fields resting on 66 acres off Milam Drive and Clavert Road. This facility caters to all with 4 boys baseball, 4 girls softball, 2 teenage baseball, and 2 adult softball fields. With a prime collection of youth leagues and tournaments in town, you will always hear the crack of a ball hitting a bat. 

  • Camp Bowie Soccer Complex 

    • Following the success of the Bert V. Massey complex, 23 soccer fields were built next door in 2015. Covered with natural grass, the complex is kept in excellent shape year-round. The facility is home to 2 local Brownwood soccer leagues, hosts up to 3 tournaments per year, and provides versatility for a variety of other events.

  • Camp Bowie Aquatic Center  

    • One of Brownwood’s most popular summer attractions! The center features a 7,000 square foot recreational pool, large slide, lazy river, toddler pool, and several fun obstacles for kids of all ages. The center is open to the public from Memorial Day weekend through mid-August. Additionally, the center features a party pavilion and is available for booking private events.  For more information or private bookings, contact 325-646-0146.

  • Riverside Park Disc Golf Course

    • Established in 2013, the Riverside Disc Golf Course provides challenges to disc golfers of all skill levels. Lined with 100-year-old pecan trees and picturesque views of the Pecan Bayou, 18 well-balanced holes weave through the beautiful Riverside Park. The course hosts many tournaments throughout the year and is home to the Brownwood Disc Golf Association. Picnic areas, restrooms, and playgrounds are also available at no charge. 

  • 18-Hole Golf Courses

  • Camp Bowie Walking Trail 

    • The Camp Bowie Walking Trail connects Brownwood Middle School, Festival Park, Camp Bowie Soccer Complex, and Bert V. Massey II Sports Complex. 

  • Pickle Ball

    • The City of Brownwood has repurposed an existing tennis facility at the historic Coggin Park to create a brand new space for pickleball and tennis! This area includes 8 brand-new courts for pickleball, as well as 4 resurfaced tennis courts. With ample viewing area, room for food trucks and vendors, and a great family park just steps away, this is an exciting venue to add to the growing number of athletic facilities we have to offer!

Sports Tourism

In the last calendar year, Brownwood has hosted over 60 sporting events. This includes Baseball, Softball, Professional Soccer, Golf, Fishing, and so much more. The sky is the limit when it comes to what we can offer when hosting a sporting event!

Recreation centers hold the key to a number of benefits that enhance a community’s quality of life. This investment ultimately serves residents in two major ways:

  1. Offering a great amenity for youth to practice and play

  2. Attracting tournaments that bring thousands of people to support local businesses by shopping, dining, and spending the night

Sports tourism is a major source of revenue for any region, but its impact is even more significant in smaller towns. In 2022 alone, an estimated 33,216 outside visitors drove into our town to utilize the complex, directly resulting in 6,876 hotel stays and circulating a record $2.5 million into Brownwood’s economy.

Home Run

In keeping with the notion of “Go Big or Go Home”, Brownwood certainly hit a home run with the 12 fields at the Bert V. Massey II Sports Complex. The facility offers something truly special for our community - youth opportunities, family fun, and financial boosts. That same success is matched by all of Brownwood’s sports arenas including the iconic Gordon Wood Stadium and football field, basketball courts, golf courses, and soccer fields. 

So plan your next tournament in Brownwood! The complex offers services to help tournament organization including field preparation, chalking, and refreshing the fields between games. Additionally, the city will help provide resources to keep the complex clean throughout your event. The facility’s Sports Coordinator will ensure all your event needs are met and your tournament is successful!

*If interested in reserving a baseball field, contact the Community Center at 325-646-0146 or email If interested in organizing a tournament, ask for Robert Anders- Sports Coordinator, at 325-430-1427. A field reservation costs $100 per day and $20 per hour if lights are required. With a $100 deposit required, all final charges are prorated by the time of usage.